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Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival

  1. Orange City

    Orange City

  2. Creation

  3. Mother

  4. A Valentine's Story

    A Valentine's Story

  5. Bintimaji

  6. Alula Chicken

  7. the thing with feathers the thing with feathers

  8. Origin of Man

    Origin of Man

  9. Embraces & the Touch of Skin

    Embraces & the Touch of Skin

  10. I'm Not a Robot

    I'm Not a Robot

  11. Ceremony Night

    Ceremony Night

  12. No, I Don't Want to Dance

    No, I Don't Want to Dance

  13. Andros


  14. Boiling Point

    Boiling Point

  15. Goldfish


  16. Azaar


  17. Luger


  18. Are You Listening Mother?

    Are You Listening Mother?

  19. The Fear Of Drawing

    The Fear Of Drawing

  20. Dick Pics! (A Documentary)

    Dick Pics! (A Documentary)

  21. Lickalike


  22. I Want

    I Want

  23. Blieschow


  24. Gravedad


  25. Portrait of Suzanne

    Portrait of Suzanne

  26. Hugo & Holger

    Hugo & Holger

  27. The First Days

    The First Days

  28. Exit To Stage

    Exit To Stage

  29. Flow


  30. Memoirs of a Geeza

    Memoirs of a Geeza

  31. The Unusual Bath of Mr. Otmar

    The Unusual Bath of Mr. Otmar

  32. The Lonely Orbit

    The Lonely Orbit

  33. Sports Day

    Sports Day

  34. Inside Me

    Inside Me

  35. Modern Babel

    Modern Babel

  36. The Angler

    The Angler