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Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival

  1. Nimic


  2. Take Me Somewhere Nice

    Take Me Somewhere Nice

  3. Stay Awake, Be Ready

    Stay Awake, Be Ready

  4. Daughter


  5. Knives and Skin

    Knives and Skin

  6. Serial Parallels

    Serial Parallels

  7. Gon, The Little Fox

    Gon, The Little Fox

  8. Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the Days

    Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the Days

  9. The Devil's Harmony

    The Devil's Harmony

  10. She Runs

    She Runs

  11. Parched Return

    Parched Return

  12. The Dawn of Ape

    The Dawn of Ape

  13. No Ill Will

    No Ill Will

  14. Watermelon Juice

    Watermelon Juice

  15. Silence


  16. Vert


  17. Hard, Cracked the Wind

    Hard, Cracked the Wind

  18. Future Perfect

    Future Perfect

  19. Señor


  20. The Tent

    The Tent

  21. There Were Four of Us

    There Were Four of Us

  22. The Opposites Game

    The Opposites Game

  23. #21XOXO


  24. They


  25. If You Knew

    If You Knew

  26. Heatwave


  27. Animals


  28. Mind My Mind

    Mind My Mind

  29. The Sound of Falling

    The Sound of Falling

  30. The Golden Legend

    The Golden Legend

  31. Kids


  32. Pahokee


  33. A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

    A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

  34. My Brother Luca

    My Brother Luca

  35. Where is My Friend

  36. What a Cab

    What a Cab

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