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Fajr Film Festival

  1. The Lizard
    Best Actor in a Leading Role (Special Jury Award)

    The Lizard

  2. Deep Breath
    Best Screenplay

    Deep Breath

  3. Dancing in the Dust
    International Competition - Best Film (Special Jury Award)

    Dancing in the Dust

  4. White Nights

    White Nights

  5. 5 to Five Kabul City

    5 to Five Kabul City

  6. The Wind Carpet
    Best Directing (Special Jury Award)

    The Wind Carpet

  7. The Fifth Reaction

    The Fifth Reaction

  8. The Son
  9. Letters in the Wind

    Letters in the Wind

  10. Divanei az ghafas parid
  11. The Kite
    International Competition - Best Director

    The Kite

  12. The Twilight
    Best First Film

    The Twilight

  13. Take a Look at the Sky Sometimes

    Take a Look at the Sky Sometimes