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Fantasia Film Festival

  1. Attack the Block
    Best European/North - South American Film (Audience Award)

    Attack the Block

  2. Underwater Love

    Underwater Love

  3. The Woman

    The Woman

  4. The Divide

    The Divide

  5. Ninja Kids!!!

    Ninja Kids!!!

  6. Vampire
    Special Mention: Feature Film


  7. Night Sounds

    Night Sounds

  8. Friend of Flies

    Friend of Flies

  9. Tomie: Unlimited

    Tomie: Unlimited

  10. Karate-Robo Zaborgar

    Karate-Robo Zaborgar

  11. Monster Brawl
    3rd Place: Best Canadian or Quebecois Feature (Audience Award)

    Monster Brawl

  12. Super
    AQCC Award


  13. Klown
    Best Feature Cheval Noir


  14. The Corridor
    Best Canadian Feature (Gold Audience Award)

    The Corridor