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Fribourg International Film Festival

  1. Saratan
    Special Mention: E-Changer Award


  2. Turtles Can Fly

    Turtles Can Fly

  3. Darwin's Nightmare
    Documentary Award

    Darwin's Nightmare

  4. This Charming Girl
    Special Mention: Don Quixote Award

    This Charming Girl

  5. To Take a Wife

    To Take a Wife

  6. Woman of Breakwater

    Woman of Breakwater

  7. The Night of Truth
    Grand Prix

    The Night of Truth

  8. The Sleeping Child

    The Sleeping Child

  9. The Black and White Milk Cow

    The Black and White Milk Cow

  10. Four for None

    Four for None

  11. The Colonial Misunderstanding

    The Colonial Misunderstanding

  12. Sanctuary
    Special Mention


  13. Repatriation
    Documentary Award