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German Film Awards

  1. Nosferatu the Vampyre Play button Rent for $3.99
  2. The Tin Drum
  3. Woyzeck Play button Rent for $3.99
  4. The Patriot
    Outstanding Non-Feature Film (Silver)

    The Patriot

  5. Derby Fever USA
    Outstanding Non-Feature Film (Silver)

    Derby Fever USA

  6. David
  7. The Marriage of Maria Braun

    The Marriage of Maria Braun

  8. The Kingdom of Naples

    The Kingdom of Naples

  9. Tally Brown, New York
    Outstanding Non-Feature Film (Silver)

    Tally Brown, New York

  10. Knife in the Head
  11. Albert - Why?
    Best New Direction

    Albert - Why?

  12. Die Abfahrer
    Outstanding Feature Film (Silver)

    Die Abfahrer

  13. End of the Game