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German Film Awards

  1. Pina
  2. Almanya: Welcome to Germany

    Almanya: Welcome to Germany

  3. If Not Us, Who?
  4. Der ganz große Traum

    Der ganz große Traum

  5. 3
  6. The Poll Diaries
  7. The Day I Was Not Born
  8. The Coming Days

    The Coming Days

  9. Young Goethe in Love

    Young Goethe in Love

  10. Jew Suss: Rise and Fall

    Jew Suss: Rise and Fall

  11. Vincent Wants to Sea
  12. We Are the Night

    We Are the Night

  13. Shahada


  14. Kinshasa Symphony

    Kinshasa Symphony

  15. Jerry Cotton

    Jerry Cotton

  16. Animals United

    Animals United

  17. Boxhagener Platz

    Boxhagener Platz

  18. Before Your Eyes

    Before Your Eyes

  19. Pianomania
    Best Sound (Gold)