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German Film Awards

  1. Victoria Play button Rent for $3.99
  2. Tough Love

    Tough Love

  3. As We Were Dreaming

    As We Were Dreaming

  4. 13 Minutes

    13 Minutes

  5. Citizenfour


  6. Phoenix
  7. A Godsend

    A Godsend

  8. Who Am I - No System is Safe

    Who Am I - No System is Safe

  9. Beloved Sisters
  10. The Cut

    The Cut

  11. Age of Cannibals
  12. Labyrinth of Lies

    Labyrinth of Lies

  13. Jack
  14. Honig im Kopf
    Highest grossing Film of the Year (Audience Award)

    Honig im Kopf

  15. We Are Young. We Are Strong.
  16. Wir sind die Neuen

    Wir sind die Neuen

  17. Stereo