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Gijón International Film Festival

  1. The Silence Before Bach
    Special Jury Award

    The Silence Before Bach

  2. Cargo 200
    Best Director

    Cargo 200

  3. Mister Foe

    Mister Foe

  4. Heartbeat Detector

    Heartbeat Detector

  5. Interview


  6. All Is Forgiven
    Best Actress

    All Is Forgiven

  7. Help Me Eros
    Best Feature

    Help Me Eros

  8. Cochochi
    FIPRESCI Prize


  9. Grace Is Gone

    Grace Is Gone

  10. El Otro
    Best Screenplay

    El Otro

  11. This Is England
    Young Audience Award (Enfants Terribles)

    This Is England

  12. Loren Cass

    Loren Cass

  13. ORDER - RE - ORDER


  14. Kidz in da Hood
    Best Feature Film for Audiences Under 13 Years Old (Young Audience Award (Enfants Terribles))

    Kidz in da Hood