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Golden Globes (Italy)

  1. Volver
  2. The Caiman

    The Caiman

  3. The Wedding Director
  4. Libero (Along the Ridge)

    Libero (Along the Ridge)

  5. Night Before the Exams

    Night Before the Exams

  6. Arrivederci amore, ciao
    Best Actor

    Arrivederci amore, ciao

  7. Our Land
  8. The Tiger and the Snow

    The Tiger and the Snow

  9. Romanzo criminale

    Romanzo criminale

  10. Under the Leaves
    Best Short Film

    Under the Leaves

  11. The Days of Abandonment

    The Days of Abandonment

  12. The Second Wedding Night

    The Second Wedding Night

  13. Mario's War
    Best Actress

    Mario's War