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Golden Globes (USA)

  1. All That Jazz

    All That Jazz

  2. Kramer vs. Kramer
  3. Hair
  4. The Muppet Movie

    The Muppet Movie

  5. Breaking Away
  6. La luna

    La luna

  7. The Black Stallion

    The Black Stallion

  8. The China Syndrome

    The China Syndrome

  9. Star Trek: The Motion Picture

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture

  10. Norma Rae
  11. 10
  12. ...And Justice for All

    ...And Justice for All

  13. Elvis


  14. The Rose
  15. The Amityville Horror

    The Amityville Horror

  16. A Little Romance

    A Little Romance

  17. The Europeans

    The Europeans

  18. Love at First Bite

    Love at First Bite

  19. The Onion Field

    The Onion Field

  20. The Miracle Worker

    The Miracle Worker

  21. All Quiet on the Western Front
    Best Motion Picture Made for Television

    All Quiet on the Western Front

  22. Promises in the Dark

    Promises in the Dark

  23. Yanks
  24. The Main Event

    The Main Event

  25. Friendly Fire

    Friendly Fire

  26. Goldengirl


  27. Roots: The Next Generations

    Roots: The Next Generations

  28. Players


  29. Chapter Two

    Chapter Two

  30. Starting Over

    Starting Over

  31. The Champ
  32. The Marriage of Maria Braun

    The Marriage of Maria Braun

  33. La cage aux folles
    Best Foreign Film

    La cage aux folles

  34. Apocalypse Now: The Workprint

    Apocalypse Now: The Workprint

  35. Ice Castles

    Ice Castles

  36. Centennial


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