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Golden Horse Film Festival

  1. Goodbye South, Goodbye
    Best Original Film Song

    Goodbye South, Goodbye

  2. Mahjong
    Best Supporting Actor


  3. Temptress Moon
  4. Red Persimmon
    Best Art Direction

    Red Persimmon

  5. Jackie Chan's First Strike
    Best Action Choreography

    Jackie Chan's First Strike

  6. Viva Erotica
  7. Big Bullet
    Best Film Editing

    Big Bullet

  8. Floating Life
    Best Original Film Score

    Floating Life

  9. Dr. Wai in the Scriptures with No Words
  10. Tonight Nobody Goes Home
  11. Best Makeup & Costume Design

    Accidental Legend

  12. Who's the Woman, Who's the Man
  13. 4 Faces Of Eve
  14. Hu-Du-Men
    Best Leading Actress


  15. A Drifting Life
  16. In the Heat of the Sun