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Golden Horse Film Festival

  1. Love Go Go
  2. Happy Together
    Best Cinematography

    Happy Together

  3. The River

    The River

  4. Made in Hong Kong

    Made in Hong Kong

  5. Rainy Dog

    Rainy Dog

  6. Lifeline


  7. Downtown Torpedoes

    Downtown Torpedoes

  8. The Mad Phoenix
  9. Mr. Nice Guy
    Best Action Choreography

    Mr. Nice Guy

  10. Eighteen Springs
  11. The Intimates

    The Intimates

  12. The Soong Sisters

    The Soong Sisters

  13. Too Young
    Best Short Film

    Too Young

  14. Homesick Eyes
    Best Documentary

    Homesick Eyes

  15. A Chinese Ghost Story
    Best Animation

    A Chinese Ghost Story

  16. Ma Yong Zhen

    Ma Yong Zhen

  17. Sweet Symphony

    Sweet Symphony

  18. Comrades: Almost a Love Story

    Comrades: Almost a Love Story

  19. The God of Cookery

    The God of Cookery

  20. The Kingdom

    The Kingdom