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Golden Horse Film Festival

  1. By the Time It Gets Dark

    By the Time It Gets Dark

  2. White Ant

    White Ant

  3. Graduation


  4. Yourself and Yours

    Yourself and Yours

  5. I Am Not Madame Bovary

    I Am Not Madame Bovary

  6. Three


  7. Small Talk

    Small Talk

  8. Big Fish & Begonia

    Big Fish & Begonia

  9. The Summer Is Gone
  10. Mr. No Problem
  11. White Sun
    Lifetime Achievement Award

    White Sun

  12. City of Jade
    Best Original Film Score

    City of Jade

  13. SoulMate
    Best Leading Actress


  14. The Road to Mandalay

    The Road to Mandalay

  15. Trivisa
  16. The Tenth Man

    The Tenth Man

  17. Finding Mr. Right 2

    Finding Mr. Right 2

  18. Weeds on Fire

    Weeds on Fire

  19. Baumu


  20. Crash


  21. Mrs K

    Mrs K

  22. Forêt Debussy

    Forêt Debussy

  23. White Tunnel

    White Tunnel

  24. Wander in the Dark
    Best Animated Short Film

    Wander in the Dark

  25. Bart


  26. A Sunny Day
    Best Live Action Short Film

    A Sunny Day

  27. Soul on a String

    Soul on a String

  28. Island


  29. One Night Only

    One Night Only

  30. Fu and Li

    Fu and Li

  31. Hang in There, Kids!

    Hang in There, Kids!

  32. Löss


  33. Yellowing


  34. At Cafe 6
    Best Supporting Actor

    At Cafe 6

  35. Someone to Talk to

    Someone to Talk to

  36. Mad World
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