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Göteborg Film Festival

  1. Frozen Land
  2. Así


  3. Sandor slash Ida
    Canal+ Award

    Sandor slash Ida

  4. Among the Thorns

    Among the Thorns

  5. Downfall


  6. Mommy, I'm Scared

    Mommy, I'm Scared

  7. The Edukators

    The Edukators

  8. Ladies in Lavender

    Ladies in Lavender

  9. Exiles


  10. Aaltra


  11. A Hole in My Heart

    A Hole in My Heart

  12. Le grand voyage

    Le grand voyage

  13. Wild Side

    Wild Side

  14. À tout de suite

    À tout de suite

  15. Viva Laldjérie

    Viva Laldjérie

  16. Land of Plenty

    Land of Plenty

  17. Kebab Connection

    Kebab Connection

  18. To Take a Wife

    To Take a Wife

  19. The Keys to the House

    The Keys to the House

  20. Arsène Lupin

    Arsène Lupin

  21. Agnes and His Brothers

    Agnes and His Brothers

  22. Close


  23. Vénus and Fleur

    Vénus and Fleur

  24. Grand Sons

    Grand Sons

  25. North Wind

    North Wind

  26. Lightweight


  27. Small Mall

    Small Mall

  28. Autumn


  29. Vento di terra

    Vento di terra

  30. The Forest for the Trees

    The Forest for the Trees