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Hamburg Film Festival

  1. Vers Madrid: The Burning Bright
  2. Borgman
  3. The Way Way Back
  4. Nothing Bad Can Happen
    Screenplay Award

    Nothing Bad Can Happen

  5. Manuscripts Don't Burn
    Political Film Award

    Manuscripts Don't Burn

  6. Yozgat Blues
  7. Metro Manila
    Critics Award

    Metro Manila

  8. The Resurrection of a Bastard
  9. On the Edge of the World
  10. Highway Patrol
  11. Fire in the Blood
    Political Film Award

    Fire in the Blood

  12. The Brats
    Audience Award

    The Brats

  13. For No Eyes Only
  14. My Mommy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill
  15. 21 Ways to Ruin a Marriage
  16. Bank Lady
  17. Sputnik
  18. Paradjanov
  19. Roland Klick: The Heart is a Hungry Hunter
  20. César's Grill
  21. The Human Scale
  22. Once I Entered a Garden
  23. The Color of the Chameleon
  24. Love and Lemons
  25. Mister Twister: Class of Fun
  26. The World is Funny
  27. Two Meters of This Land
  28. Mike Says Goodbye!
  29. Oh Yeah, She Performs!