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Hong Kong Film Awards

  1. Infernal Affairs II

    Infernal Affairs II

  2. PTU
  3. Running on Karma

    Running on Karma

  4. Infernal Affairs III

    Infernal Affairs III

  5. The Classic

    The Classic

  6. Turn Left, Turn Right

    Turn Left, Turn Right

  7. Lost in Time

    Lost in Time

  8. The Medallion

    The Medallion

  9. Vampire Effect
  10. Men Suddenly in Black

    Men Suddenly in Black

  11. The Floating Landscape

    The Floating Landscape

  12. Naked Ambition
    Best Supporting Actress

    Naked Ambition

  13. Dragon Loaded

    Dragon Loaded

  14. Star Runner

    Star Runner

  15. The Heroic Duo

    The Heroic Duo

  16. Golden Chicken 2

    Golden Chicken 2

  17. The Twilight Samurai
    Best Asian Film

    The Twilight Samurai

  18. Blue Gate Crossing

    Blue Gate Crossing

  19. Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

    Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

  20. Together