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Hong Kong International Film Festival

  1. Old Dog
    Golden DV Award

    Old Dog

  2. Dance Town

    Dance Town

  3. FIT


  4. The Sun Beaten Path
    Special Mention: Golden DV Award

    The Sun Beaten Path

  5. Bachelor Mountain

    Bachelor Mountain

  6. Majority


  7. A Screaming Man

    A Screaming Man

  8. Curling


  9. Bleak Night
    FIPRESCI Prize

    Bleak Night

  10. Pink Saris
    Outstanding Documentary

    Pink Saris

  11. Position Among the Stars

    Position Among the Stars

  12. Eternity
    Silver DV Award


  13. Brother & Sister

    Brother & Sister

  14. The Human Resources Manager
    Special Mention: SIGNIS Award

    The Human Resources Manager

  15. Tears of Gaza

    Tears of Gaza

  16. Senior Year

    Senior Year

  17. Peace
    Best Documentary


  18. Single Man

    Single Man

  19. The Light Thief

    The Light Thief

  20. Madame X

    Madame X

  21. Love Addiction

    Love Addiction

  22. Heidi Kim at W Hong Kong Hotel

    Heidi Kim at W Hong Kong Hotel

  23. Hotel Black Cat

    Hotel Black Cat

  24. Good Morning to the World!
    Special Mention: FIPRESCI Prize

    Good Morning to the World!

  25. The Old Donkey

    The Old Donkey