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Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

  1. Marwencol
    Emerging Artist Award


  2. Steam of Life

    Steam of Life

  3. I Shot My Love
    Best Mid-Length Documentary

    I Shot My Love

  4. Thunder Soul

    Thunder Soul

  5. Sex Magic

    Sex Magic

  6. Thieves by Law

    Thieves by Law

  7. Secrets of the Tribe

    Secrets of the Tribe

  8. Bhutto


  9. Made in India

    Made in India

  10. Land


  11. In the Name of the Family

    In the Name of the Family

  12. The Devil Operation

    The Devil Operation

  13. Wistful Wilderness

    Wistful Wilderness

  14. Life with Murder

    Life with Murder

  15. A Drummer's Dream

    A Drummer's Dream

  16. Autumn Gold

    Autumn Gold

  17. Congo In Four Acts

    Congo In Four Acts

  18. Feathered Cocaine

    Feathered Cocaine

  19. Disorder


  20. Space Tourists

    Space Tourists

  21. Disco and Atomic War

    Disco and Atomic War

  22. Monica & David

    Monica & David

  23. Peter in Radioland

    Peter in Radioland

  24. Six Weeks

    Six Weeks

  25. What's in a Name

    What's in a Name

  26. Milltown, Montana

    Milltown, Montana

  27. Listen to This

    Listen to This