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Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

  1. Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

    Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

  2. The Queen of Versailles

    The Queen of Versailles

  3. Call Me Kuchu
    Best Documentary (International)

    Call Me Kuchu

  4. Crayons of Askalan

    Crayons of Askalan

  5. Tchoupitoulas
    Emerging Artist Award


  6. Only the Young

    Only the Young

  7. We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists

    We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists

  8. The World Before Her
    Best Documentary (Canadian)

    The World Before Her

  9. Dragan Wende - West Berlin

    Dragan Wende - West Berlin

  10. The Jeffrey Dahmer Files

    The Jeffrey Dahmer Files

  11. Shadows of Liberty

    Shadows of Liberty

  12. China Heavyweight

    China Heavyweight

  13. Mr. Christmas

    Mr. Christmas

  14. Buzkashi!


  15. The Record Breaker

    The Record Breaker

  16. One Day After Peace

    One Day After Peace

  17. An Affair of the Heart

    An Affair of the Heart

  18. 5 Broken Cameras

    5 Broken Cameras

  19. Planet of Snail

    Planet of Snail

  20. Meet the Fokkens

    Meet the Fokkens

  21. The Prophet

    The Prophet

  22. Big Boys Gone Bananas!*

    Big Boys Gone Bananas!*

  23. Written in Ink

    Written in Ink

  24. Tilman in Paradise

    Tilman in Paradise

  25. My Mate Manchester United

    My Mate Manchester United

  26. One Fine Day

    One Fine Day

  27. My Thai Bride

    My Thai Bride

  28. Mama Illegal

    Mama Illegal

  29. Love Story

    Love Story

  30. The Boxing Girls of Kabul

    The Boxing Girls of Kabul

  31. Meanwhile in Mamelodi
    Emerging Artist Award

    Meanwhile in Mamelodi

  32. The Vanishing Spring Light

    The Vanishing Spring Light