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IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival

  1. Thursday Till Sunday
    Grand Prize City of Lisbon

    Thursday Till Sunday

  2. Public Hearing
  3. Cat's Cradle
    Best Portuguese Short Film

    Cat's Cradle

  4. The Great Rabbit
    Special Mention: Short Film

    The Great Rabbit

  5. Kali, the Little Vampire
  6. House Party
    Onda Curta Award

    House Party

  7. Your Home
    Best Portuguese Documentary (TAP Award)

    Your Home

  8. Encounters with Landscape (3x)
  9. Whores' Glory
    Best Feature Film (Audience Award)

    Whores' Glory

  10. Palaces of Pity
  11. Summer of Giacomo
    Distribution Award

    Summer of Giacomo

  12. Cerro Negro
    Best Director Award (Portuguese Short Film)

    Cerro Negro

  13. Meet the Fokkens
  14. Dinosaur Eggs in the Living Room
  15. Fancy Fair
    Onda Curta Award

    Fancy Fair

  16. Bon Voyage
    Amnesty International Award

    Bon Voyage