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Irish Film and Television Awards

  1. Inception


  2. The Social Network
  3. The King's Speech

    The King's Speech

  4. Winter's Bone

    Winter's Bone

  5. The Ghost Writer
    Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Feature Film

    The Ghost Writer

  6. The Kids Are All Right
    Best International Actress

    The Kids Are All Right

  7. Essential Killing

    Essential Killing

  8. Tamara Drewe

    Tamara Drewe

  9. The Way Back
  10. As If I Am Not There

    As If I Am Not There

  11. The Next Three Days

    The Next Three Days

  12. Parked


  13. Lapland Odyssey

    Lapland Odyssey

  14. The Runway
  15. The Pipe
    Best Documentary

    The Pipe

  16. My Brothers

    My Brothers

  17. When Harvey Met Bob
    Best Actor in a Lead Role in Television

    When Harvey Met Bob

  18. Cup Cake

    Cup Cake

  19. Silent Sonata

    Silent Sonata

  20. Sensation


  21. Snap
  22. A Prophet

    A Prophet

  23. Perrier's Bounty

    Perrier's Bounty

  24. Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne

    Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne