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Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

  1. Amarcord
  2. Love and Anarchy

    Love and Anarchy

  3. Ludwig
  4. Property Is No Longer a Theft

    Property Is No Longer a Theft

  5. Lucky Luciano

    Lucky Luciano

  6. A Brief Vacation
    Best Supporting Actress

    A Brief Vacation

  7. Giordano Bruno

    Giordano Bruno

  8. Body of Love

    Body of Love

  9. The Assassination of Matteotti

    The Assassination of Matteotti

  10. Malicious
  11. Teresa the Thief

    Teresa the Thief

  12. The Sensuous Sicilian

    The Sensuous Sicilian

  13. La villeggiatura

    La villeggiatura

  14. Cries and Whispers
    Best Foreign Director

    Cries and Whispers

  15. La colonna infame

    La colonna infame