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Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

  1. Le quattro volte
    Special Silver Ribbon

    Le quattro volte

  2. The Ghost Writer

    The Ghost Writer

  3. Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland

  4. Loose Cannons
  5. The First Beautiful Thing

    The First Beautiful Thing

  6. Come Undone

    Come Undone

  7. Our Life
  8. Draquila - Italy Trembles

    Draquila - Italy Trembles

  9. Happy Family

    Happy Family

  10. Kiss Me Again

    Kiss Me Again

  11. Genitori & figli:) - Agitare bene prima dell'uso

    Genitori & figli:) - Agitare bene prima dell'uso

  12. La pagella
    Special Mention

    La pagella

  13. Weddings and Other Disasters

    Weddings and Other Disasters

  14. Basilicata Coast to Coast

    Basilicata Coast to Coast

  15. The Youngest Son
  16. One Life, Maybe Two
    Best Supporting Actress

    One Life, Maybe Two

  17. The White Ribbon

    The White Ribbon

  18. A Prophet

    A Prophet

  19. I Am Love
  20. Avatar
    Best 3D Film Director


  21. The Mouth of the Wolf
    Best Documentary

    The Mouth of the Wolf

  22. Ágora
    Best Costume Design


  23. Lebanon


  24. Women Without Men

    Women Without Men

  25. The Concert
    Best European Director

    The Concert

  26. Around a Small Mountain

    Around a Small Mountain

  27. Little Girl
    Special Silver Ribbon

    Little Girl

  28. Welcome
  29. Nine
  30. Baarìa
    Silver Ribbon of the Year


  31. The Man Who Will Come

    The Man Who Will Come

  32. The Double Hour

    The Double Hour

  33. Ten Winters
  34. The Purple Sea

    The Purple Sea

  35. I, Don Giovanni

    I, Don Giovanni

  36. Cado dalle nubi

    Cado dalle nubi

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