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DOK Leipzig

  1. Art War
    Honorable Mention: German Competition Long Documentary

    Art War

  2. Astigmatismo


  3. Master of the Universe

    Master of the Universe

  4. Baths


  5. The Special Need
    Golden Dove (German Competition Long Documentary)

    The Special Need

  6. Joanna
    Prize of the Youth Jury


  7. Dinner


  8. Gloria Victoria

    Gloria Victoria

  9. Farewell, Herr Schwarz

    Farewell, Herr Schwarz

  10. A Diary of a Journey

    A Diary of a Journey

  11. Elektro Moskva

    Elektro Moskva

  12. Boles
    Golden Dove (International Competition Animated Film)


  13. Inside Out: The People's Art Project

    Inside Out: The People's Art Project

  14. Escape


  15. Everyday Everyday

  16. The Textures of Loss

    The Textures of Loss

  17. Omsch


  18. My Brother's Vows

  19. Min stulna revolution

  20. Mother 24/7

  21. Mom

  22. Men at Work

    Men at Work

  23. Mary & Myself

  24. Majub's Journey

  25. Lost Senses

  26. Lost Horizon

  27. Living in Space

  28. Last Call

  29. Land in Sight

  30. La Deutsche Vita

  31. Kiki of Montparnasse

  32. Kalyug

  33. Just the Right Amount of Violence

    Just the Right Amount of Violence

  34. Journey to the Safest Place on Earth

  35. It's Up to You

  36. Jazz That Nobody Asked For

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