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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Ars Gratia Artis
    Youth Jury Award (Short Films)

    Ars Gratia Artis

  2. Cinetude 2

    Cinetude 2

  3. Oddball


  4. Smile, Emil

    Smile, Emil

  5. The Children's Hour
    Youth Jury Mention

    The Children's Hour

  6. Too Little for Such a Big War
    Youth Jury Award

    Too Little for Such a Big War

  7. Memories of Helene

    Memories of Helene

  8. Inauguration


  9. Take Care France

    Take Care France

  10. The Potatoes

    The Potatoes

  11. Film, Film, Film

    Film, Film, Film

  12. Inauguration


  13. Oh, Sun
    Golden Leopard

    Oh, Sun

  14. Castles in the Sand

    Castles in the Sand

  15. The Maltese Cross Movement

    The Maltese Cross Movement

  16. 1933


  17. Une femme en blanc se révolte

    Une femme en blanc se révolte

  18. A Woman in White

    A Woman in White

  19. Thou Shalt Not Kill

    Thou Shalt Not Kill

  20. Between Love and Duty

    Between Love and Duty

  21. The Green Mare's Nest

    The Green Mare's Nest

  22. Love Is My Profession

    Love Is My Profession

  23. Four Bags Full

    Four Bags Full

  24. Marguerite of the Night

    Marguerite of the Night

  25. Le rouge et le noir

    Le rouge et le noir

  26. The Game of Love

    The Game of Love

  27. The Red Inn

    The Red Inn

  28. Look After Amelie

    Look After Amelie

  29. Devil in the Flesh

    Devil in the Flesh

  30. Love Story

    Love Story

  31. Ciboulette


  32. Fait-divers


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