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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Casque d'or

    Casque d'or

  2. Le plaisir

    Le plaisir

  3. 5 Fingers

    5 Fingers

  4. Rome 11:00

    Rome 11:00

  5. The Little World of Don Camillo

    The Little World of Don Camillo

  6. Detour


  7. Hunted
    Premio giuria internazionale dei giornalisti


  8. The City Stands Trial

    The City Stands Trial

  9. Torment of the Past

    Torment of the Past

  10. Good Morning Elephant

    Good Morning Elephant

  11. In the Circus Arena

    In the Circus Arena

  12. With André Gide

    With André Gide

  13. The Card

    The Card

  14. With a Song in My Heart

    With a Song in My Heart

  15. Diplomatic Courier

    Diplomatic Courier

  16. The African Queen

    The African Queen

  17. Bullfighter and the Lady

    Bullfighter and the Lady

  18. Anna


  19. The Well

    The Well

  20. Three Forbidden Stories

    Three Forbidden Stories

  21. Divorced


  22. Pickup


  23. La maison Bonnadieu

    La maison Bonnadieu

  24. Out of Evil

  25. Hellish Love

    Hellish Love

  26. Children of Paradise

    Children of Paradise