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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Changes in the Village
  2. Band of Outsiders
    Youth Jury Second Award

    Band of Outsiders

  3. Yearning
    Best Actress (Silver Sail)


  4. Love Meetings
  5. Before the Revolution
  6. Black Peter
    Golden Sail

    Black Peter

  7. What a Way to Go!
    Best Actor (Silver Sail)

    What a Way to Go!

  8. Good Neighbor Sam
  9. The Hangman
    Short Film (Silver Sail)

    The Hangman

  10. Caroline
  11. The High Wall
    Best First Work (Silver Sail)

    The High Wall

  12. Time of Love
  13. Manhunter
  14. Only One New York
  15. Fran├žoise
  16. Engagement Italiano
  17. The Apprentices
    International Jury Mention

    The Apprentices

  18. Slave Trade in the World Today
  19. The River Line
  20. The Inheritance
  21. Goodbye in the Mirror
  22. Solange dans nos campagnes
  23. The Green Years
    Best First Work (Silver Sail)

    The Green Years

  24. Barren Lives
  25. The Cow Gift
  26. Darkness in Daytime
    Special Prize of the Jury

    Darkness in Daytime

  27. The Warm Life
  28. Street Without End
  29. A Day of Happiness