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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Invasión
    International Jury Mention


  2. Hunting Scenes from Bavaria
    Youth Jury Award

    Hunting Scenes from Bavaria

  3. The Arch

    The Arch

  4. Charles, Dead or Alive
    Golden Leopard

    Charles, Dead or Alive

  5. Where Are You Then?

    Where Are You Then?

  6. The Spring of Life
    Best Short, Animation

    The Spring of Life

  7. The Apple

    The Apple

  8. Cuban Lover

    Cuban Lover

  9. Paris Does Not Exist
    International Jury Mention

    Paris Does Not Exist

  10. The Most Beautiful Age

    The Most Beautiful Age

  11. Long Live Death

    Long Live Death

  12. Pano Will Not Be Shown

    Pano Will Not Be Shown

  13. Birds and Greyhounds

    Birds and Greyhounds

  14. Fuoricampo

  15. I due Kennedy

    I due Kennedy

  16. Fantasmatic
    Best Short, Animation


  17. Those Who Wear Glasses
    Golden Leopard

    Those Who Wear Glasses

  18. Horoscope


  19. We Will Not Enter the Forest Anymore

    We Will Not Enter the Forest Anymore

  20. The Woman With a Knife

    The Woman With a Knife

  21. Three Sad Tigers
    Golden Leopard

    Three Sad Tigers

  22. Otley


  23. The Bedroom

    The Bedroom

  24. Farewell


  25. The Pier

    The Pier

  26. No Path Through Fire
    Golden Leopard

    No Path Through Fire