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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. This Transient Life
    Golden Leopard

    This Transient Life

  2. End of the Road
    Golden Leopard

    End of the Road

  3. Behold Homolka
  4. Lilika
    Golden Leopard


  5. The Lovers
  6. The Madman
  7. Thomas and the Bewitched
  8. Warsaw Sketches
  9. Temperate Zone
  10. Medical Doctor Sommer the Second
  11. Olimpia agli amici
  12. Biladi, une révolution
  13. The Battle of St-Denis... Yesterday, Today
  14. The Night of Counting the Years
  15. The Icon Stand
    Youth Jury Award

    The Icon Stand

  16. The Whole Sky
  17. The Children's Hour
    Youth Jury Mention

    The Children's Hour

  18. Smile, Emil
  19. Memories of Helene
  20. Too Little for Such a Big War
  21. Oh, Sun
    Golden Leopard

    Oh, Sun