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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Viva la muerte

    Viva la muerte

  2. Synchromy


  3. Bang Bang

    Bang Bang

  4. Pioneers in Ingolstadt

    Pioneers in Ingolstadt

  5. Agnus dei

    Agnus dei

  6. Mexico: The Frozen Revolution
    Prize for a Production of the Third World

    Mexico: The Frozen Revolution

  7. I Love You, I Kill You

    I Love You, I Kill You

  8. The Savior

    The Savior

  9. Brother John

    Brother John

  10. Private Road
    Best Second Work (Golden Leopard)

    Private Road

  11. The Friends
    Best First Work (Golden Leopard)

    The Friends

  12. Far from the Sun

    Far from the Sun

  13. Yehudi Menuhin Story

    Yehudi Menuhin Story

  14. The Time of Vampires

    The Time of Vampires

  15. Million Dollar Eel

    Million Dollar Eel

  16. Early Morning

    Early Morning

  17. La pierre qui flotte

  18. Digging


  19. Die Ordnung

  20. Breathing Together: Revolution of the Electric Family

  21. Chewingo-home


  22. Mathias Kneissl

    Mathias Kneissl

  23. Making It

    Making It

  24. Romance of a Horsethief

    Romance of a Horsethief

  25. A Fable

  26. Time of the Storks

    Time of the Storks

  27. A Matter of Life

    A Matter of Life

  28. Liberty


  29. They Have Changed Their Face
    Best First Work (Golden Leopard)

    They Have Changed Their Face

  30. On the Point of Death
    Best First Work (Golden Leopard)

    On the Point of Death

  31. Goin' Down the Road

    Goin' Down the Road

  32. Bronco Bullfrog

    Bronco Bullfrog

  33. Paradise Lost

    Paradise Lost

  34. Water Like a Black Buffalo

    Water Like a Black Buffalo

  35. Mr. Rossi at Camping

    Mr. Rossi at Camping

  36. Eggs

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