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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Kairat
    Silver Leopard


  2. The Stone

    The Stone

  3. The Day of Despair

    The Day of Despair

  4. Rapado


  5. Autumn Moon
  6. Zebrahead
    Special Mention: Prize of the Ecumenical Jury


  7. Confortorio


  8. Holozän
    Special Prize of the Jury


  9. Quartier Mozart
    Swissair/Crossair Special Prize

    Quartier Mozart

  10. Family Portrait
    Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

    Family Portrait

  11. Twin Flames

    Twin Flames

  12. Off Season

    Off Season

  13. Child's Play
  14. Dark Rose

    Dark Rose

  15. Mau Mau

    Mau Mau

  16. Just a Job

    Just a Job

  17. Face of Our Fear

    Face of Our Fear

  18. On My Birthday

    On My Birthday

  19. Land of Fire 2

    Land of Fire 2

  20. Video Blues

  21. Punctured Life

  22. Eddie King
    Bronze Leopard

    Eddie King

  23. Donusa
    Youth Jury Award


  24. The Terrorists!
    Bronze Leopard

    The Terrorists!

  25. Charlotte, vie ou théâtre?

    Charlotte, vie ou théâtre?

  26. My Crasy Life

    My Crasy Life

  27. Daddy, Father Frost Is Dead

    Daddy, Father Frost Is Dead

  28. Babel


  29. Perumthachan


  30. L'ourse bleue