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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Secrets & Lies

    Secrets & Lies

  2. A Moment of Innocence
    Special Mention

    A Moment of Innocence

  3. A Summer Dress

    A Summer Dress

  4. Conspirators of Pleasure

    Conspirators of Pleasure

  5. Nénette and Boni

    Nénette and Boni

  6. La rencontre

    La rencontre

  7. Thieves


  8. The Bloody Child

    The Bloody Child

  9. Lilies


  10. Love's Debris

    Love's Debris

  11. The Phantom Heart

    The Phantom Heart

  12. Marian
    Silver Leopard


  13. The Eyes of Asia

    The Eyes of Asia

  14. Diana's Looking-Glass

    Diana's Looking-Glass

  15. Seven Servants

    Seven Servants

  16. Nerolio


  17. Floating Life
    Silver Leopard

    Floating Life

  18. The Arena of Murder

    The Arena of Murder

  19. Special Jury Prize

    Kings of Asphalt

  20. Soul in the Hole

    Soul in the Hole

  21. The Present

    The Present

  22. Chalk


  23. Tiburzi


  24. Alive & Kicking

    Alive & Kicking

  25. A Summer in La Goulette

    A Summer in La Goulette

  26. Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day

    Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day

  27. Honey and Ashes
  28. Bien sous tous rapports

    Bien sous tous rapports

  29. Gonin 2

    Gonin 2

  30. Slaughter of the Cock

    Slaughter of the Cock

  31. Concert for a Rat

    Concert for a Rat

  32. Alain Cavalier: 7 Chapters, 5 Days, 2 Kitchens

    Alain Cavalier: 7 Chapters, 5 Days, 2 Kitchens

  33. Jeux de plage

    Jeux de plage

  34. Le matou

    Le matou

  35. Alger la blanche

    Alger la blanche

  36. Cairo Station

    Cairo Station

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