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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Secrets & Lies

    Secrets & Lies

  2. A Moment of Innocence
    Special Mention

    A Moment of Innocence

  3. Microcosmos


  4. A Summer Dress

    A Summer Dress

  5. Nénette and Boni

    Nénette and Boni

  6. Conspirators of Pleasure

    Conspirators of Pleasure

  7. Every Little Thing

    Every Little Thing

  8. La rencontre

    La rencontre

  9. Red Hollywood

    Red Hollywood

  10. Lilies


  11. Thieves


  12. Lost Book Found

    Lost Book Found

  13. The Bloody Child

    The Bloody Child

  14. Freedomfighters


  15. The Phantom Heart

    The Phantom Heart

  16. Love's Debris

    Love's Debris

  17. Opening Day of Close-Up

    Opening Day of Close-Up

  18. Tree of Blood

    Tree of Blood

  19. Marian
    Silver Leopard


  20. Diana's Looking-Glass

    Diana's Looking-Glass

  21. Floating Life
    Silver Leopard

    Floating Life

  22. Around the Block

    Around the Block

  23. Le Ventre de l'Amérique

    Le Ventre de l'Amérique

  24. The Silence Within

    The Silence Within

  25. The Eyes of Asia

    The Eyes of Asia

  26. The Present

    The Present

  27. Le fantôme de Longstaff

    Le fantôme de Longstaff

  28. Walk the Walk

    Walk the Walk

  29. Seven Servants

    Seven Servants

  30. A Summer in La Goulette

    A Summer in La Goulette

  31. Nerolio


  32. Better and Better

    Better and Better

  33. Take off from the Sand

    Take off from the Sand

  34. Störung Ost

    Störung Ost

  35. Storia di un ufficiale di carriera

  36. Seconds Out

    Seconds Out

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