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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

  2. Capturing the Friedmans

    Capturing the Friedmans

  3. Thirteen
  4. Any Way the Wind Blows

    Any Way the Wind Blows

  5. The Other Final

    The Other Final

  6. Jesus, You Know

    Jesus, You Know

  7. Swimming Alone

    Swimming Alone

  8. The Magic Gloves

    The Magic Gloves

  9. The Gift

    The Gift

  10. All the Fine Promises

    All the Fine Promises

  11. Adieu


  12. Calendar Girls

    Calendar Girls

  13. War at a Distance
    Special Mention: Video

    War at a Distance

  14. 16 Years of Alcohol

    16 Years of Alcohol

  15. Abel Ferrara: Not Guilty

    Abel Ferrara: Not Guilty

  16. Lucky Jack: Three Attempts to Stop Smoking

    Lucky Jack: Three Attempts to Stop Smoking

  17. The Miracle of Bern

    The Miracle of Bern

  18. Silent Waters
  19. Free Radicals

    Free Radicals

  20. The Undesirables

    The Undesirables

  21. Now Or Never

    Now Or Never

  22. The Blonds

    The Blonds

  23. Bologna centrale

    Bologna centrale

  24. Fuse
  25. Little Girl Blue

    Little Girl Blue

  26. Casting


  27. Go West, Young Man!

    Go West, Young Man!

  28. Petit(s) Cadavre(s) Personnel(s)

    Petit(s) Cadavre(s) Personnel(s)

  29. Genève-Marseille


  30. Ashes


  31. Cantata of Bare Things
    Golden Leopard - Video Competition

    Cantata of Bare Things

  32. Corn in Parliament

    Corn in Parliament

  33. History of a Secret

    History of a Secret

  34. The Night is Slow

    The Night is Slow

  35. Seventeen


  36. South of the Clouds
    Second Prize, Youth Jury

    South of the Clouds

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