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Los Angeles Film Festival

  1. August Evening
  2. The Cool School

    The Cool School

  3. Billy the Kid
    Best Documentary Feature

    Billy the Kid

  4. Young @ Heart
    Best International Feature (Audience Award)

    Young @ Heart

  5. The Tube with a Hat
    Best Narrative Short

    The Tube with a Hat

  6. Severed Ways

    Severed Ways

  7. Joshua


  8. Kabluey


  9. What We Do Is Secret

    What We Do Is Secret

  10. Constantine's Sword

    Constantine's Sword

  11. How to Rob a Bank

    How to Rob a Bank

  12. Remember the Daze

    Remember the Daze

  13. Saint Death

    Saint Death

  14. The Champagne Spy

    The Champagne Spy

  15. Cat Dancers

    Cat Dancers

  16. Join Us

    Join Us

  17. Liberty Kid

    Liberty Kid

  18. Owl and the Sparrow
    Best Narrative Feature (Audience Award)

    Owl and the Sparrow

  19. Lady Chatterley

    Lady Chatterley

  20. It's Winter

    It's Winter

  21. Love and War
    Best Animated/Experimental Short (Jury Prize)

    Love and War