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Lumiere Awards

  1. Amour
  2. Holy Motors

    Holy Motors

  3. Laurence Anyways
    Best French-Language Film

    Laurence Anyways

  4. In the House
    Most Promising Young Actor

    In the House

  5. Something in the Air

    Something in the Air

  6. Haute Cuisine

    Haute Cuisine

  7. Camille Rewinds
  8. Farewell, My Queen

    Farewell, My Queen

  9. My Way

    My Way

  10. Augustine


  11. Just Like Brothers

    Just Like Brothers

  12. Bad Girl

    Bad Girl

  13. Hold Back

    Hold Back

  14. A Better Life

    A Better Life

  15. A Bottle in the Gaza Sea

    A Bottle in the Gaza Sea

  16. The Pirogue
    Best French-Language Film

    The Pirogue

  17. Louise Wimmer

    Louise Wimmer