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Mumbai Film Festival

  1. Swagger


  2. Machines
    Silver Gateway Award (India Gold)


  3. Bad Black

    Bad Black

  4. City of Ghosts

    City of Ghosts

  5. Chickens for Kimaru

    Chickens for Kimaru

  6. Dreams About My Father

    Dreams About My Father

  7. Emil and the Bridge Divers

    Emil and the Bridge Divers

  8. Mdudu Boy
    Half Ticket Silver Gateway (Short)

    Mdudu Boy

  9. Take Care Good Night

    Take Care Good Night

  10. 16.03


  11. Death Metal

    Death Metal

  12. Jesser and the Sugarcane

    Jesser and the Sugarcane

  13. The Girl of 672k

    The Girl of 672k

  14. Flying Rats

    Flying Rats

  15. Spotlight on Merna

    Spotlight on Merna

  16. A Well Spent Afternoon

    A Well Spent Afternoon

  17. Owls & Mice

    Owls & Mice

  18. Killing Ground

    Killing Ground

  19. The Day My Father Became a Bush

    The Day My Father Became a Bush

  20. Zaineb Hates the Snow

    Zaineb Hates the Snow

  21. The Hundred-Foot Journey

    The Hundred-Foot Journey

  22. Mukund and Riaz

    Mukund and Riaz

  23. The Kite

    The Kite

  24. Mujhse Dosti Karoge

    Mujhse Dosti Karoge

  25. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

    A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

  26. Goodbye, Children

    Goodbye, Children

  27. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

    Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

  28. Half Truth

    Half Truth

  29. Amar Akbar Anthony

    Amar Akbar Anthony

  30. Funeral Parade of Roses

    Funeral Parade of Roses

  31. Monterey Pop

    Monterey Pop

  32. Oh, Sun

    Oh, Sun

  33. The Truth

    The Truth

  34. The Red Balloon

    The Red Balloon