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Mar del Plata International Film Festival

  1. God's Wedding
    Best Film

    God's Wedding

  2. Tuvalu


  3. La lettre

    La lettre

  4. East/West


  5. Gloomy Sunday
    Honorable Mention: OCIC Award

    Gloomy Sunday

  6. Bang Boom Bang: A Sure Thing

    Bang Boom Bang: A Sure Thing

  7. Les passagers

    Les passagers

  8. The Carriers Are Waiting

    The Carriers Are Waiting

  9. Two Streams

    Two Streams

  10. Vanaprastham: The Last Dance

    Vanaprastham: The Last Dance

  11. Green Desert

    Green Desert

  12. Lovers


  13. The Bait

    The Bait

  14. Breath of Life

    Breath of Life

  15. Sokkotanssi
  16. 6:3 Pay It Again Tutti

    6:3 Pay It Again Tutti

  17. Paris-Timbuktu
  18. Special Mention

    El Mar De Lucas

  19. Ferdinando and Carolina

    Ferdinando and Carolina

  20. Strange Planet

    Strange Planet

  21. Flowers from Another World

    Flowers from Another World

  22. The Cup

    The Cup

  23. Men and Woman

    Men and Woman

  24. Angel, the Diva and Me
    Best Screenplay

    Angel, the Diva and Me

  25. Show Me Love

    Show Me Love

  26. SLC Punk!

    SLC Punk!

  27. Besieged


  28. Transatlantic


  29. The Peasant's War

    The Peasant's War

  30. Lucy's Revenge

  31. No Trace

    No Trace

  32. The Bed

    The Bed