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Mar del Plata International Film Festival

  1. Los Hongos

    Los Hongos

  2. Dead Man's Shoes

    Dead Man's Shoes

  3. Dealer
  4. Lost Embrace

    Lost Embrace

  5. Only Human

    Only Human

  6. The Recruiter

    The Recruiter

  7. Bitter Dream
    Special Jury Award (International Competition)

    Bitter Dream

  8. Social Genocide

    Social Genocide

  9. The Blue Butterfly

    The Blue Butterfly

  10. Cold Light
    SIGNIS Award

    Cold Light

  11. Good Life Delivery

    Good Life Delivery

  12. Perder es cuestión de método

    Perder es cuestión de método

  13. The Other Side of the Street
    Best Ibero-American Film

    The Other Side of the Street

  14. I Love to Work

    I Love to Work

  15. The Five Obstructions

    The Five Obstructions

  16. Twentynine Palms

    Twentynine Palms

  17. Touching the Void

    Touching the Void

  18. Carandiru


  19. Havana Suite

    Havana Suite

  20. Struggle


  21. My Name Is Bach

    My Name Is Bach

  22. Tristan


  23. The Horseman

    The Horseman

  24. Red Sunset

    Red Sunset

  25. Seawards Journey
    Roberto Tato Miller Award

    Seawards Journey

  26. Escrito en el Destino

    Escrito en el Destino

  27. Paper Dove

    Paper Dove

  28. Incantato


  29. Lost Seamen

    Lost Seamen

  30. From Zero to Ten

    From Zero to Ten

  31. The Perfect Human

    The Perfect Human