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Mill Valley Film Festival

  1. Holy Motors

    Holy Motors

  2. Argo


  3. The Reluctant Fundamentalist
    Audience Award - Favorite World Feature

    The Reluctant Fundamentalist

  4. Thursday Till Sunday

    Thursday Till Sunday

  5. The Sessions
    Favorite Active Cinema Feature (Audience Award)

    The Sessions

  6. Rise of the Guardians
  7. Road North

    Road North

  8. Sabbatical


  9. Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams

  10. The Sinners

    The Sinners

  11. Richness of Internal Space
    Favorite Independent World Feature (Audience Award)

    Richness of Internal Space

  12. In Your Dreams: Stevie Nicks

    In Your Dreams: Stevie Nicks

  13. The Slut

    The Slut

  14. The Man at the Counter

    The Man at the Counter