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Montréal World Film Festival

  1. Don't Worry, I'm Fine

    Don't Worry, I'm Fine

  2. The Yacoubian Building
    Bronze Zenith

    The Yacoubian Building

  3. Fuga


  4. Comrade Pedersen
    Best Director

    Comrade Pedersen

  5. The Premonition

    The Premonition

  6. Night Before the Exams

    Night Before the Exams

  7. A Long Walk
  8. Daisy


  9. The Chinese Botanist's Daughters

    The Chinese Botanist's Daughters

  10. Midnight Sun

    Midnight Sun

  11. Pao's Story

    Pao's Story

  12. Fresh Air

    Fresh Air

  13. How Much Farther
    Silver Zenith

    How Much Farther

  14. Lima's Streets

    Lima's Streets

  15. Search

  16. First Flight

    First Flight

  17. Running Wild

    Running Wild

  18. Crossing Borders

    Crossing Borders

  19. The Greatest Love of All
    Grand Prix des Amériques

    The Greatest Love of All

  20. Chaos


  21. Fragments of Antonin

    Fragments of Antonin

  22. While You Are Here

    While You Are Here

  23. Hell in Tangier
    Best Actor

    Hell in Tangier

  24. The Cathedral

    The Cathedral

  25. Warchild
    Best Screenplay


  26. Shanghai Red

    Shanghai Red

  27. Black Butterfly
    Glauber Rocha Award

    Black Butterfly

  28. The 4th Dimension

    The 4th Dimension

  29. Holly


  30. Zolykha's Secret

    Zolykha's Secret

  31. Manderlay


  32. A Little Kiss

    A Little Kiss

  33. Ultima Thule: A Journey to the Edge of the World

    Ultima Thule: A Journey to the Edge of the World