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Montréal World Film Festival

  1. Rabbit
    Special Mention: Short Films


  2. Bright Night

    Bright Night

  3. Berlin Troika
    First Prize (Student Films)

    Berlin Troika

  4. The Chambermaid
  5. The Light Shines Only There
    Best Director

    The Light Shines Only There

  6. Next Year
    Silver Zenith

    Next Year

  7. The Summer House

    The Summer House

  8. Cape Nostalgia
  9. Celery


  10. The Ambassador to Bern
    Bronze Zenith

    The Ambassador to Bern

  11. Melody


  12. High Performance

    High Performance

  13. Traces of Sandalwood
    Most Popular Film of the Festival

    Traces of Sandalwood

  14. Now or Never

    Now or Never

  15. Aya Arcos

    Aya Arcos

  16. Los Bañistas
    FIPRESCI Prize

    Los Bañistas

  17. Back Alley

    Back Alley

  18. Un ragazzo d'oro
    Best Screenplay

    Un ragazzo d'oro

  19. New Territories

    New Territories

  20. Perfect Obedience

    Perfect Obedience

  21. They Are All Dead

    They Are All Dead

  22. Chum
    First Prize (Short Films)


  23. Bad Hunter
    Jury Prize (Short Films)

    Bad Hunter