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Montréal World Film Festival

  1. Requiem for Mrs. J

    Requiem for Mrs. J

  2. Quality Time

    Quality Time

  3. Under  Mom’ Skirt

    Under Mom’ Skirt

  4. Dear Etranger
    Special Grand Prix of the Jury

    Dear Etranger

  5. Open Doors
    student competition

    Open Doors

  6. To Kill a Watermelon

    To Kill a Watermelon

  7. Chinese Film Festival

    The Amber

  8. 3rd Place: Chinese Film Festival

    Across the River

  9. A Paper Marriage

  10. A Loner

    A Loner

  11. Yeva


  12. USSAK... Years Later

    USSAK... Years Later

  13. Under the Smoky Roof

    Under the Smoky Roof

  14. The Son of Snow Queen

    The Son of Snow Queen

  15. Talking With the Wind

    Talking With the Wind

  16. Sun Dance

    Sun Dance

  17. Silhouettes


  18. Rooftop Story

    Rooftop Story

  19. Peaches


  20. Orphans


  21. Octave


  22. Nightscape


  23. Nowhere


  24. First Law

    First Law

  25. High Expectations

    High Expectations

  26. Elysium Hernalsiense

    Elysium Hernalsiense

  27. Do It or Die!

    Do It or Die!

  28. Azimuth


  29. Av. Larco

    Av. Larco

  30. Yto

  31. Wolf
    Special Mention


  32. With Thelma

    With Thelma

  33. This Is Ed!!
    Special Prize of Laughter

    This Is Ed!!

  34. The Last Church Bells
    Best Short Film

    The Last Church Bells

  35. The Same Nothing

  36. Testament


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