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Moscow International Film Festival

  1. Camera Buff
  2. Christ Stopped at Eboli
    Golden Prize

    Christ Stopped at Eboli

  3. Portrait of Teresa
    Best Actress

    Portrait of Teresa

  4. Que Viva Mexico
    Honorary Golden Prize

    Que Viva Mexico

  5. The Barrier
    Silver Prize

    The Barrier

  6. Nahla
    Best Actress


  7. Mireille and the Others

    Mireille and the Others

  8. Broken Flag

    Broken Flag

  9. Kassbach


  10. Fish Hawk

    Fish Hawk

  11. The Tailor from Ulm

    The Tailor from Ulm

  12. The Dogs

    The Dogs

  13. The Man with the Axe
    Silver Prize

    The Man with the Axe

  14. Anton the Magician
    Best Actor

    Anton the Magician

  15. Poet and Muse

    Poet and Muse

  16. The Canal

    The Canal

  17. The Moment
    Best Actor

    The Moment

  18. Honeymoon


  19. The Children of Sanchez

    The Children of Sanchez

  20. Tomorrow Never Comes

    Tomorrow Never Comes

  21. The Young Man and Moby Dick

    The Young Man and Moby Dick