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Moscow International Film Festival

  1. Mirch Masala

    Mirch Masala

  2. 84 Charing Cross Road
    Best Actor

    84 Charing Cross Road

  3. Courier
    Special Prize


  4. Intervista
    Golden Prize


  5. The Wife of an Important Man

    The Wife of an Important Man

  6. Gardens of Stone

    Gardens of Stone

  7. Het gezin van Paemel

    Het gezin van Paemel

  8. Oktoberfest


  9. The House of Bernarda Alba

    The House of Bernarda Alba

  10. Living Is What Matters

    Living Is What Matters

  11. Kangaroo


  12. The Absentee

    The Absentee

  13. Hero of the Year

    Hero of the Year

  14. Days to Remember

    Days to Remember

  15. Love, Mother
    Best Actress

    Love, Mother

  16. Shadows in Paradise

    Shadows in Paradise

  17. Jean de Florette

    Jean de Florette

  18. Night of the Pencils

    Night of the Pencils

  19. Forbidden Dreams

    Forbidden Dreams

  20. A Successful Man

    A Successful Man

  21. Tarot


  22. Hard Asphalt

    Hard Asphalt

  23. The Man in the Black Cape

    The Man in the Black Cape

  24. The Serpent's Way

    The Serpent's Way

  25. Street of My Childhood

    Street of My Childhood

  26. The Commissar

    The Commissar