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Moscow International Film Festival

  1. Visitor of a Museum

    Visitor of a Museum

  2. The Icicle Thief
    Golden St. George

    The Icicle Thief

  3. Come, Come, Come, Upward
    Best Actress (Bronze St. George)

    Come, Come, Come, Upward

  4. The 15-Year-Old Girl

    The 15-Year-Old Girl

  5. The Rainbow

    The Rainbow

  6. Arc Light

  7. Jesus Christ's Horoscope

    Jesus Christ's Horoscope

  8. Inventory
    Special Mention: Ecumenical Jury Award


  9. Ariel
  10. The Accidental Tourist

    The Accidental Tourist

  11. A Hoof Here, a Hoof There

    A Hoof Here, a Hoof There

  12. Love Lies

    Love Lies

  13. The Way Steel Was Tempered

    The Way Steel Was Tempered

  14. Summer Among the Zombies

    Summer Among the Zombies

  15. Ironweed


  16. Jadup and Boel

    Jadup and Boel