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Moscow International Film Festival

  1. The Banishment
    Russian Film Clubs Federation Award (Russian Program)

    The Banishment

  2. Viva


  3. Opium: Diary of a Madwoman
    Best Actress

    Opium: Diary of a Madwoman

  4. Broken English

    Broken English

  5. My Führer

    My Führer

  6. Hope


  7. Molière
  8. Monotony
    Best Film of the Perspectives Competition


  9. Agitbrigade "Beat the Enemy!"

    Agitbrigade "Beat the Enemy!"

  10. Temporary Release
  11. The Russian Triangle
    Special Jury Prize

    The Russian Triangle

  12. Le chien

    Le chien

  13. Travelling with Pets
    Golden St. George

    Travelling with Pets

  14. A Man's Job

    A Man's Job

  15. Rescue Dawn

    Rescue Dawn

  16. Fay Grim

    Fay Grim

  17. The Unknown Woman

    The Unknown Woman

  18. The Exterminating Angels

    The Exterminating Angels

  19. The International

    The International

  20. The Inugamis

    The Inugamis

  21. Eduart


  22. Regular Lovers

    Regular Lovers

  23. Moscow Parade

    Moscow Parade

  24. Experiment in the Delirium of Love's Fascination

    Experiment in the Delirium of Love's Fascination