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Moscow International Film Festival

  1. 14 Steps
    Best Short Film

    14 Steps

  2. Two Days, One Night

    Two Days, One Night

  3. A Most Wanted Man

    A Most Wanted Man

  4. Waiting for August

    Waiting for August

  5. Paris Follies

    Paris Follies

  6. Another Year
    Russian Film Clubs Federation Award (Russian Program)

    Another Year

  7. My Man
  8. Hardkor Disko

    Hardkor Disko

  9. The Owners

    The Owners

  10. Scheherazade's Diary

    Scheherazade's Diary

  11. The Avian Kind

    The Avian Kind

  12. The Green Prince
    Documentary (Audience Award)

    The Green Prince

  13. Song from the Forest

    Song from the Forest

  14. Happiness


  15. The Armstrong Lie

    The Armstrong Lie

  16. Nagima
    Special Mention: NETPAC Award


  17. The Glass Trinket

    The Glass Trinket

  18. Yakimanka 90's

    Yakimanka 90's

  19. Deep Love
    Best Documentary

    Deep Love

  20. Web Junkie

    Web Junkie

  21. L’Expérience Blocher

    L’Expérience Blocher

  22. A House on Furmanny

    A House on Furmanny

  23. Moana with Sound

    Moana with Sound