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Munich Film Festival

  1. The Band's Visit

    The Band's Visit

  2. Import/Export


  3. LYNCH (one)

    LYNCH (one)

  4. Counterparts
    Screenwriting (Young German Cinema Award)


  5. And Along Come Tourists
    Acting - Male (Young German Cinema Award)

    And Along Come Tourists

  6. Trade
    Best Film (Bernhard Wicki Film Award)


  7. The Visible and the Invisible

    The Visible and the Invisible

  8. Rublyovka: Road to Bliss

    Rublyovka: Road to Bliss

  9. Elder Blossom

    Elder Blossom

  10. Fata Morgana
    Direction (Young German Cinema Award)

    Fata Morgana

  11. The Calling Game
    Acting - Female (Young German Cinema Award)

    The Calling Game

  12. Rescue Dawn

    Rescue Dawn

  13. Azur and Asmar
    Kids Audience Award

    Azur and Asmar

  14. The Other Half

    The Other Half

  15. Stories From the North

    Stories From the North

  16. The Bimo Records

    The Bimo Records

  17. Stealing Klimt

    Stealing Klimt

  18. Free Translation

    Free Translation

  19. The Last Priestess of Buhi
    One Future Prize

    The Last Priestess of Buhi

  20. Wings of Hope

    Wings of Hope