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Munich Film Festival

  1. Le Havre
    Best International Film

    Le Havre

  2. The Kid with a Bike

    The Kid with a Bike

  3. Tyrannosaur
    Best Film By An Emerging Director (CineVision Award)


  4. Almanya: Welcome to Germany
  5. The River Used to Be a Man
    Best Production (Young German Cinema Award)

    The River Used to Be a Man

  6. Combat Girls
  7. Hell
    Direction (Young German Cinema Award)


  8. A Little Closer

    A Little Closer

  9. Color of the Ocean
    Best New Director (Bernhard Wicki Film Award)

    Color of the Ocean

  10. Wader Wecker Father Land
    Best Film (Audience Award)

    Wader Wecker Father Land

  11. Blue Valentine

    Blue Valentine

  12. In a Better World
    Best Film (Bernhard Wicki Film Award)

    In a Better World

  13. The Magicians
    Kids Audience Award

    The Magicians

  14. When China Met Africa

    When China Met Africa

  15. Cairo Exit
    One Future Prize

    Cairo Exit